Spark City will be an indoor/outdoor children's museum designed as a child-sized, interconnected city that will feature multi-sensory, hands-on exhibits focused on educating young children (ages 0-5) in the areas of science, math, art, and human culture.  The exhibits will foster creativity and encourage children to use their natural curiosity to explore their world on a smaller scale.  Through these exhibits, children will be given the opportunity to role play, problem solve, and test various concepts, giving them the ability to make a meaningful connection with their world. 



  • Bank
  • Art studio
  • Library
  • Mechanic/Bike shop
  • Pretend cafe
  • Theater and stage
  • Fire, police and dispatch stations
  • Doctor’s and dentist's offices
  • Farm and orchard
  • Grocery store
  • Post office
  • Fitness center
  • Park with a creek
  • and a Home. 


Within each part of the city, children will be able to role play with ample props, costumes, and objectives, but also test various concepts. Children will be exposed to biology, mathematics, engineering, health, nutrition and the human body, financial literacy, art, music and more.  As children move through The City, they will begin to see how each part of our world is interconnected.  In Spark City, kids won’t passively tour the exhibit or push a few buttons to watch the same things go on again and again-- they will try life on for size! Maybe they grow fruit at the farm and deliver it to the supermarket.  Maybe they create a musical on the stage, or treat a few new patients at the doctor’s office.



Spark City will also have a vast outdoor area that will include an energy exhibit, featuring both traditional energy sources and renewable energy sources, a giant play structure designed as a treehouse, and a Colorado ecosystem walking trail where children can learn about what plants and animals are in their own backyards.



Spark City will also offer various camps, programs, and field trips that will align with Colorado Academic Standards and complement what children are learning, or will soon be learning in the classroom.  Thus, early childhood educators can use Spark City as a “living classroom” to teach concepts that are difficult to convey in the confines of a typical preschool setting. The museum will also offer teacher-training programs and workshops, pre- and post-field trip visit materials, and outreach programs for preschools that cannot afford or choose not to go off campus.


Community RESOURCE

Furthermore, Spark City will be a part of the Jefferson County community - serving as a rich resource for parents, caregivers, and educators.  It will have community workshops that offer a number of free services, including developmental screenings, educational workshops and classes, and an annual family wellness fair- all to encourage parents to become strengthened partners in understanding and encouraging the healthy development of their children.  Parents will be provided materials approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics, identifying developmental strengths and trouble spots by incorporating parents’ own expert knowledge about their children.