The founders of Spark City strongly believe in the importance of early childhood education.  Research has shown that the early years in a child’s life represent a critically important window of opportunity to develop a child’s full potential and shape key academic, social, and cognitive skills that determine a child’s success in school and in life.  Spark City's programming will not only focus on kindergarten readiness, but there will be a large emphasis on healthy childhood development.  There are countless state and national initiatives advocating access to high-quality early childhood education.  Spark City will work in alliance with these initiatives and provide a place where children can thrive and become their best selves.



The Spark City Children's Museum is inspired by the principles of the Reggio Emilia Philosophy, a progressive early childhood approach founded in Italy.  A central idea of the Reggio Emilia philosophy is that children have a “hundred languages,” a metaphor meaning that children have many ways of learning and communicating their thinking, ideas, questions and feelings. With the belief that young children are capable of forming wonderful ideas and have the potential to ask and answer their own questions, Spark City will provide a sense of community in order to foster a relationship between the child, parents, and educators.  There will be a strong emphasis on the arts, creativity, and the belief that children are natural explorers of their environment.  At Spark City, children will have the opportunity to think creatively, problem solve effectively, develop critical thinking skills, understand where things come from, and work in tandem with others. 

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At Spark City, ALL young children are welcome and appreciation of diversity and respect for one another occurs naturally.  Spark City will be accessible to children of all abilities and learning styles, and scholarships will be offered for those who cannot afford admission.  Through it’s programs and workshops, Spark City will focus on building self-confidence, self-regulation, and social responsibility-- building the foundation for success in school, the workplace, and life.