The Spark City Children’s Museum project was created by a group of mothers who were looking to create a place within their community where their young children could learn in a safe, hands-on environment.  When the founders were young children, they would set out for the day on their bicycles and explore the world, coming home only when dusk set in. While, in many ways, our lifestyle has greatly improved, children no longer have the opportunity to freely experience those things that helped past generations to develop curiosity, understand process, build leadership and negotiation skills, develop a sense of adventure, and build creativity.


We believe that Jefferson County children need what they once had - a place to play freely, experiment adventurously, create daringly, and grow to their full potential - all while learning about the world around them and building relationships with those in their community!

Spark City is inspired by a wildly successful, state-of-the-art children’s museum in Orange County, California called Pretend City ( A special thank you to their team for sharing their brilliant ideas and for their support.


Spark City will be built upon the following pillars, which will be reflected in everything from the exhibits and programs, to the staff and operations of the building.