frequently asked questions

1) Where will Spark City Children's Museum be located? 
While the exact location has not yet been identified, it will be located within Jefferson County, Colorado.  We are currently exploring potential location sites and once significant funds have been raised, we will be able to narrow down an exact location. 

2) What is the history of Spark City, and when will Spark City actually be open? 
The Spark City museum project started in September of 2014.  Since its initial inception, the board has been developing the concept with the help of professionals and experts in the community.  Although the project has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the Jefferson County community, before we move forward with a major capital campaign, we are doing our due diligence.  One of the Spark City board members has graciously agreed to fund a campaign feasibility study which will be conducted by an independent consulting firm.  This study will determine, among other things, the community's perception of the project, the size of the potential donor base and its ability to give, and the likelihood of success of a capital campaign at this time. 
While this study is being completed, Spark City plans to launch a mobile outreach program for children across Jefferson County (see answer to question 3 for more information on this program). After the financial feasibility study is complete and we've confirmed that a capital campaign will be successful, Spark City will launch a major fundraising effort to acquire the necessary funds to move forward with the designing and fabrication of the facility and exhibits.  

3) If I donate at this time, what will my money be supporting? 
Your generous donation would go to support our Spark City Bus program.  With an incredibly successful pilot season, we had over 2500 kids on the bus! Our goal for 2017 is to double that number! We also plan to change the theme of the bus to allow children to explore other parts of the city.  Additionally, we hope to be able to serve more children in the underserved communities of Jefferson County.  

4) How will Spark City be different than the Children's Museum of Denver?
The Children's Museum of Denver is a magnificent children's museum-- one of the best in the country.  While we share many of the same goals, Spark City will differ in many ways.  Here are a few examples:
-Age: The exhibits found in Spark City will be specifically tailored to children from birth to five years.  We want to give young children their own space to explore and role-play, without the interference of older children.  Denver fulfills a great need by accommodating a large amount of school groups.  While Spark City will offer field trips for kindergarten and first grade school groups, those days and times will be limited so that children who are not yet in school can have a truly valuable learning experience.  
-Theme:  Spark City's "city" design is specifically focused on teaching young children the interconnectivity of the world they live in.  Props will be free to move around the entire museum- allowing children to pick crops at the farm, sell them to the grocery store, buy items at the store and take them to the home, etc.  Since role-playing will be such an integral part of the learning process at Spark City, each and every visit will be different for the child, depending on the other children that are also visiting and what scenarios they create.  
-Location:  By being located on the west-side of town, we hope to be more accessible to the children of Jefferson County, Boulder County, and even some of the mountain communities.      
We want to supplement the fantastic work that the Children's Museum of Denver is already doing, and provide an additional place where parents can take their young children for a safe, fun, high-quality learning experience.  We hope families will enjoy both museums!